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As we began our new site, I told Charlie and gang  “I wanted to do some how to videos”  I want other people to do “how to” videos.  “Now you See Now you Don’t” is my first try at a “how to”….we had so much fun…get ready there will be more!


I have a door that goes from my house office into a bathroom (you know old houses are weird).  The door has 3 glass panes.  I just could not decide if I wanted a curtain or what for privacy…I really didn’t like the idea of a curtain because I already have enough stuff in my office and needed a “slicker” look.

After begging Randy Sullivan and Jason Ratcliff to help me with this project, they agreed!  Of course, Lawana decided she could film us on her phone…Diane is just observing!  I do hope you like the finished product!  Really, ya’ll need to come and see…beautiful!


I always open to suggestions for “how to”…just send your idea or come by for a filming to

Sue the prez




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