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Mt. Zion Christian Academy held its 2021 Awards Day on Friday, May 14 at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Students were recognized for academic achievement and citizenship.

First Grade: Hayven Steed – A Honor Roll, Math, Bible, Reading, Spelling, Handwriting, Language Arts and Citizenship; DJ Ellis – A/B Honor Roll, Bible, Reading; Reid Evans – A/B Honor Roll, Math, Bible, Reading; Caleb Crawford (below) – A/B Honor Roll, Bible, Reading

Second Grade:  Brayden Meadows – A Honor Roll, Math; Reyna Zacarias – A Honor Roll, Phonics, Reading; Matthew Beaube – A/B Honor Roll, Handwriting, Citizenship; Harrison White – A/B Honor Roll, History, Bible; Owen Wolken – A/B Honor Roll, Science, Spelling

Third Grade:  Belle Sistrunk – A Honor Roll, Bible, Spelling; Stella Steed – A Honor Roll, Writing; Alaykin Ainsworth – A/B Honor Roll, Math; Fisher Blair – A/B Honor Roll; Baylee Harper – A/B Honor Roll; Brett Harper – A/B Honor Roll, Citizenship; Davis Honea – A/B Honor Roll; Anna Beth White – A/B Honor Roll, History, Science; Sarah Grace White – A/B Honor Roll, Language

Fourth Grade:  Alaydin Ainsworth – A/B Honor Roll, Language; Macoy Fewell – A/B Honor Roll; Luke Higgins – A/B Honor Roll, Science, Bible, Spelling; Leah Lewis – A/B Honor Roll; Brelynn Stinson – A/B Honor Roll, Handwriting, Citizenship; Trey Blackwell – History; Eli Holway – Reading; Jayden Blair – Math

Fifth Grade: J.C. Dixon – A Honor Roll, Math, History, Science, English, Spelling; Bella Bankston – A/B Honor Roll, Math, Bible, Citizenship; Ryan Harper – A/B Honor Roll

Sixth Grade:  Lucas Sistrunk – A/B Honor Roll, History, Science, English, Bible, Reading, Spelling; Byars Hollingsworth – Creative Writing, Citizenship

Seventh Grade:  Natalee Harper – A/B Honor Roll, Bible; Kyle Temples – Citizenship Award

Eighth Grade:  Jake Ramsey – A/B Honor Roll; Owen Hyde – Citizenship Award; Madison Bradshaw – Bible

Ninth Grade: Erica Davis – A/B Honor Roll, Citizenship Award; Alyssa Holman – A/B Honor Roll; Abby Sullivan – Bible

Tenth Grade: Grady Berry – Citizenship, Bible

Eleventh Grade:  Abigail Green – Citizenship

Math Awards:  7th Grade – Lucas Sistrunk; 8th Grade – Heath Tullos; 9th Grade – Erica Davis; 10th Grade – Will Harper

English Awards: 7th Grade – Natalee Harper; 8th Grade – Maelah Brown;9th Grade – Erica Davis (Erica also received the Spanish I Award.); 10th Grade – Katie Kemp

History Awards: 7th Grade – Natalee Harper; 8th Grade – Jake Ramsey; 9th Grade – Jessica Allan; 10th Grade – Shelby Bradshaw and Gracie Butler; 11th Grade – Olivia Skinner

Science Awards: 7th Grade – Natalee Harper; 8th Grade – Madison Bradshaw; 9th Grade – Erica Davis; 10th Grade – Will Harper; 11th Grade – Abigail Green

Counseling 101/Bible Talk: J.C. Dixon, Brex Bankston, Peyton Dixon, Natalee Harper, Jamie Lee, Kyle Temples, Ariauna Zacarias, Madison Bradshaw, Maelah Brown, Ellie Eubanks, Nathan Green, Elizabeth Higgins, Owen Hyde, Jake Ramsey, Heath Tullos, Christopher Varnes, Sammie Dixon

Vo-Tech Awards: John Sullivan – Certification in the National Center for Construction Education and Research

Accelerated Program Fifth Grade: John Thomas White – A Honor Roll, History, Science, Language, Math, Citizenship; John Patrick Gipson – A Honor Roll, Bible

Accelerated Program Sixth Grade:  Paxten Wolken – A Honor Roll, Bible; Parker Worrell – A Honor Roll, History; Noah Fontanille – A/B Honor Roll, Language, Science, Citizenship

Accelerated Program Seventh Grade:  Luke Bonnette – A Honor Roll, Bible, English, History, Science, Math, Citizenship

Accelerated Program Ninth Grade:  Ayden Wolken – A Honor Roll, Bible, English, Geography, Physical Science, Spanish I and Citizenship

Accelerated Program Tenth Grade: Will Harper – A Honor Roll, History; John Sullivan – A Honor Roll, Citizenship; Neely Kate White – A Honor Roll, Bible, English, Keyboarding, Biology; Lauren Fontanille – A/B Honor Roll

Accelerated Program Eleventh Grade: Shiloh Brown – A Honor Roll, English, History, Chemistry, Spanish II, Geometry; Dalton Burrell – A Honor Roll, Art, Citizenship; Abigail Green – A Honor Roll, Bible; Madison Worrell – A Honor Roll

Beta Club Members:  John Thomas White, John Patrick Gipson, Noah Fontanille, Lucas Sistrunk, Paxten Wolken, Parker Worrell, Luke Bonnette, Ayden Wolken, Lauren Fontanille, Will Harper, John Sullivan, Neely Kate White, Shiloh Brown, Dalton Burrell, Abigail Green, Jonathan Herrington

Elementary Mt. Zion Lion Award: Lucas Sistrunk

Jr. High/High School Mt. Zion Lion Award:  Will Harper

Mt. Zion Star Award: Kyle Temples


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