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Traffic around Magee High School and Middle School has become a  safety issue for the students.  Coach Broadhead appeared before the City of Magee Board of Aldermen requesting help in dealing with this problem .  

Alderman Lane Steele suggested that teachers park in the parking lots around campus and not in front of the buildings.  A large parking area is located across from the cafeteria on Choctaw  Removing teacher parking in front of the school will free up side space.

The drop off and pick up on 1st Street and Choctaw causes congestion which does not allow an ambulance or any type emergency vehicle in the area.

A motion was made to declare 1st Street and Choctaw a one-way beginning the 3rd Monday of the month which is February21st.

1st Street will flow west to east with Choctaw flowing East to West.

The city will have signs in place before the  23rd. The streets times will be announced. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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