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MageeBaseballAluniGameThe Magee High School 2nd annual Alumni Scrimmage was held Saturday Feb. 7th.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each former player that came out and participated.

Everyone had a great time and all in attendance were definitely entertained. I encourage everyone to come back this year and see us play and if you missed out then hopefully you can make it next year.

Again thanks for your support. I am honored to have been here for 12 years and be apart of some great teams and have some great young men on those teams. (Coach Eubanks)


Magee Trojan Baseball 2015

Date:                        Opponent:                                               Place:                                        Time:

2/27                         Mize                                                             Home                                        5&7 (JV,V)

2/28                         Mendenhall vs Wayne Co. Aca.                   Magee                                      11:00

Magee vs Wayne Co. Aca.             Magee                                      1:00

3/2                            Pearl (JH)                                                   Away                                          5&7 DH

3/3                            Pearl (JH)                                                   Home                                        5&7 DH

3/5                            Seminary Tourney                              Seminary                                5:15


3/6                            North Forrest                                         Away                                          5&7 (JV,V)

3/9-3/11                Lawrence Co. Tournament           Lawrence Co.                       TBA

3/9                            North Pike                                                                                                      7:00

3/10                         Loyd Star                                                                                                         12:15

3/17                         Florence                                                    Home                                        5&7 (JV,V)

3/20                         Florence                                                    Away                                          4:30&7 (V-DH)

3/23                         Richland (JH)                                           Away                                          5&7 DH

3/24                         Raymond                                                  Home                                        5&7 (JV,V)

3/26                         Richland (JH)                                           Home                                        5&7 DH

3/27                         Raymond                                                  Away                                          5&7 (V-DH)

3/28                         North Forrest                                         Home                                        11&1 (JV,V)

3/30                        Florence                                                    Away                                          5&7 DH

3/31                         Richland                                                    Away                                          5&7 (JV,V)

4/2                            Richland                                                    Home                                        4:30&7 (V-DH)

4/4                            Raleigh                                                                         Home                                        11&1 (JV,V)

4/7                            Port Gibson                                             Away                                          5&7 (JV,V)

4/9                          Mendenhall (JH)                                  Away                                          5&7 DH

4/10                         Port Gibson                                             Home                                        5&7 (V-DH)

4/11                         Wayne Academy                                 Away                                          3&5 (JV,V)

4/13                        Mendenhall (JH)                                  Home                                        5&7 DH

4/14                         Mendenhall                                            Away                                          5&7 (JV,V)

4/17                         Mendenhall                                            Home                                        4:30&7 (V-DH)

4/18                         Seminary                                                  Home                                        11&1 (JV,V)

4/21                         Wesson                                                                       Away                                          4:30&6:30 (JV,V)

4/23                         Mize                                                             Away                                          5&7 (JV,V)

4/27                         Playoff Week



  • Junior High Games (7th – 8th grade) are in BOLD print


Coaches: Allen Eubanks, Mat Turner




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