Mary May

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Friday night, September 25, 2020, Mrs. Mary May passed from this earth.  She was a lady of high principals, immense talent, and a lover of life.

When I think of Mary May, I also think of Myra Stringer.  “Mary and Myra,” the Ainsworth twins, were ladies who in my opinion could do it all.  They could bake. They could sew. They could work harder than any man. They could sing. They could raise the best gardens in Simpson County.  They were just pretty much the best!
A story about Mary and Myra

Myra (mother to Jane Griffith and Mary Ann Jones) died in 2000—20 years ago.  But, their bond never broke!

Mrs. Mary was 95 years old.  She was one of 7 children:  Lilly Maddox, Cody Duckworth, Miss Willie Ainsworth, Nell McCall, Myra Stringer, and Wiley Ainsworth.  With the death of Mrs. Mary, all the Ainsworth children are now deceased.

Mrs. Mary and her daughter Marie Lofton

Mrs. Mary lived in Simpson County all her life!  Think of that…she lived in our county for 95 years!

Mary was married to Billy Green May (deceased).  Myra was married to Durwood Stringer (deceased).

Mrs. Mary and her husband were parents to two children:  Marie and James.  This brother and sister loved their mother.  They were faithful to the end.

  James went to visit his mother every morning and took her a “honey bun.”  He was on hand for every occasion at Hillcrest.  James said he learned early on after his mother moved to Hillcrest not to “mess with old women and a bingo game!”

James and Mary May
Grandson Bill, Mrs. Mary, and son James

Marie loved her sweet mama and visited as often as possible.

Mrs. Mary and two of her grandchildren.

Mrs. Mary was apart of my childhood just as were all the Ainsworth children.  Mary and Myra operated a bakery on Main Street Magee for years.  They made the best doughnuts in Mississippi.  Those two ladies met you with a smile.

Mary May made a difference in Simpson County.  She made a difference in her church.  She made a difference in her family.  She was truly a lady who contributed to our world.


What a blessing to have known Mary May.  What a blessing to have known the Ainsworth family.

Truly, a life well lived.

I loved this family.


Arrangements:  Graveside Service Monday, September 28, 2020 at 11:00 AM at Goodwater Cemetery.

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