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I have prayed for many good and noble things many times;

I have prayed for selfish things; I needed this reminder from my devotion.

In Matthew, God promised where 2 or more are gathered together He would be with us, and He would do for us what we ask! Powerful promise, but my answer has often been “No” or “Not yet”! I could not understand why.

I am paraphrasing Oswald Chambers:

Agreement in purpose on earth must not be taken to mean a pre-determination to agree together to storm God’s fort doggedly until He gives us our demands!! It is far from right to agree beforehand over what we want, and then go to God and wait, not until He gives us His desires about the matter, but until we extort from Him permission to do what we have already decided was best before we prayed!!!

We should rather agree to ask God about His ways, His thoughts, His will!! Show us your answer to our

troubles, to our problems; Show us Your way!!!


By Brinda Blair



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