Top Tech Gift Ideas 2018

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Tech gift ideas for everyone on your list!


Here at we are constantly trying new technology, hoping to serve you better every day.

This year, we’ve found some products that we want to share with you.  They’d make perfect gifts for the gadget lovers in your life.

First, if you’ve watched any of our live videos, you know that we’ve been testing new equipment on a regular basis, looking for the best (and easiest) way to go live.

We finally found it!

After (literally) years of trying this camera and that one, we’ve found our favorite.  The Mevo Plus has allowed us to take our live streaming to the next level, and it’s so easy to use.

The camera pairs with your phone or Ipad and allows streaming to multiple destinations at once.  The is wide, and the quality is crisp.  The sound works well even without a microphone, but if you need a mic, keep reading because we have the perfect one to tell you about below.

Other reasons we love the Mevo Plus include:

  • It’s compact size.  When we’re going from one event to the next, dragging heavy equipment is not idea.  The Mevo Plus is so small and light weight, but…
  • High Quality Video.  The Mevo Plus records in 4K and streams in HD.  The picture quality is the best we’ve had.
  • Easy Pan and Zoom.  The Mevo Plus gives you so many camera angle options and allows you to cut, pan and zoom quickly and easily, while keeping the image looking smooth.
  • Simplicity.  It is easy to set up and operate and makes going live quick and easy.

Now, you can absolutely get buy with just the camera, but here at, we have to record on the go so we ordered the Mevo Plus Bundle that inludes the Mevo Boost, the Mevo stand and a carrying case.


The Mevo Boost gives us up to 10 hours of battery life and allows us to use a wired internet connection, which is really helpful when we are in places where WiFi or cellular data are hard to come by.

Now not everyone needs a camera for their video needs.  Often we just use our iPad Pro, but to keep from making our viewers seasick, we also use this tripod for our iPad.  It’s perfect for keeping the camera steady, but also helps when we’re working on the iPad, allowing us to work without having to hold the tablet in our hands.

To improve the quality of the sound in our videos, we have found the Rode Mic to be an essential part of our production equipment.

Of course, if you want to use it with an iPad, you’ll need this handy-dandy adapter.  It’s a simple and inexpensive solution to using a mic with your tablet, which will make your videos better by providing higher quality sound with less background noise.

Tech Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

One of our newest finds is a wonderful way to provide your family with a computer at a low cost.  It’s called the Raspberry Pi, and it’s a tiny little computer that packs a lot of punch!  You’ll have to have a monitor, keyboard and mouse, but even your TV can work as the monitor.  The cost for the starter kit is only about $80.  Perfect for kids’ homework!


And, of course, we couldn’t get our work done without some powerful computing so if you’re in the market for a desktop, you can’t go wrong with an iMac.

It’s the computer of choice at!

Now, if you’re looking for something to give a grandparent, Sue will tell you that she loves the Pix Star 10.4 inch Digital Photo Frame.  It sits right by her computer so she can see the smiling faces of her grandkids all day long.  It makes sharing photos with loved ones easy and quick!

And for kids, Charlie recommends the Kindle Fire.  It’s a less expensive alternative to an iPad, which is a good thing because even with this great kid-friendly case, tablets do get broken.

While you’re considering the Kindle, you might want to give the gift of Amazon Prime Membership, Kindle Unlimited or Freetime Unlimited.

Freetime Unlimited is the perfect gift to go with a Kindle for kids.  It offers unlimited access to more than 16,000 kid-friendly books, videos and apps.  You can get a free trial here.

Kindle Unlimited is the best gift for the book lovers in your life because it features:

  • Unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks
  • Unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks
  • The ability to read on any device.

And of course, there’s Amazon Prime.  Free two-day shipping on so many items is reason enough to become a member!  The shows and movies you can watch are an added bonus though.  If you’ve never tried Prime, get a free 30-day trial membership here.

We’d love to hear what your favorite tech gift ideas are!  Leave a comment and let us know!


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