Magee Board of Alderman

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Magee Board of Alderman met Tuesday, May 4, 2021 for their regular scheduled meeting.

Johnny Runnels met before the board concerned about speeding in the area of 13th St SE. Runnels asked the board for help by having officers patrol area which should slow drivers that are speeding.

Two families came before the board: Sara Sullivan and Joyce and William Field.  The families are concerned about an alley dispute. The city conducted a survey to establish property lines.  The survey results were revealed to the parties. City attorney advised the families no permanent structures can be placed in the alley belonging to the city. The City of Magee owns the property and has the right to dig at any time concerning water lines the city might need access to. Attorney Smith advised any party not agreeing with the survey will need to file a case in Chancery Court letting a judge determine the ownership. The official land lines established by the  city survey  will be upheld unless there is a dispute requiring a Chancery Judge.

Chief of Police Randy Crawford reported Will Douglas resigned from the police force due to relocating to Florida.

The board approved to hire Randy Moore as a part-time police officer for the city.

A fuel pump at the airport has been hit by lighting. The city is awaiting the insurance claim at this point.

Two water department employees Bobby Applewhite and Matthew Blue were approved to attend the MS Rural Water Association class in June.

Superintendent Hugh Dillmore advised sanitation department is all good. Trucks are running well. Dillmore informed the board of  issues with the street department backhoe. Dillmore advised letting Lee Tractor Company fix the equipment due to the complexly of the issue. Dillmore thanked his crew for working hard the last few weeks cleaning the parks and helping with the city beautification projects.

Brett Duncan provided the board with an estimated breakdown on the cost to dispose of cardboard boxes. The city has approximately 21 customers with box pickup. The labor cost of a full time employee with additional help and the price of the equipment to crush the boxes  is costing the city approximately $122  a month per customer just to break even. There is no cost at this time to business for the city disposing of the boxes. The city will look into a fair price to charge customers and bring the information back at a future board meeting.

With no further business, the  meeting was adjourned to enter into executive session. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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