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On Tuesday, October 19, 2021, the Magee Board of Alderman approved the minutes, agenda and claims docket and discussed the following issues:

All board members and staff were dressed in pink t-shirts that are being sold by the Magee Fire Department to raise money for Brest Cancer.

Merika Kalman owner of the Vault in Magee met before the board asking permission to close the street located next to the vault October 30, 2021 for Halloween. The board approved the request from the hours of 5-12. The vault will be required to work with Chief of Police Chris Jones to hire security for the evening.

A discussion of what garbage containers are legal was held. Attorney Bruce Smith is going to check the zoning records for details and advise the board.

The board approved an ordinance for an alley closure located at 1st Ave and Main Ave.

Chief of Police Chris Jones asked for permission to move Branni Hanna from a full time possession to part time possession. Angie Fortenberry was approved to move from part time to full time. The board approved a $100 fee to be paid to the MS Chief’s Association for Chief Jones.

Mayor Dale Berry advised soccer season is in full swing at the sports complex.

Mayor Berry reminded everyone that Crazy day will take place this Saturday in Magee.  A carnival will take place on Friday evening until 10 p.m. downtown Magee.

A video of the meeting is provided below. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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