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An area in Magee where I have probably received more complaints than any is located at 106 1st Street SE.  (This area faces 5th Avenue which is the road that runs below the school and on to the Pig!)

Clean up is in progress at the property today (September 21, 2022).  The lot had an old SUV parked on the land.  The vehicle had no tires and no engine.  For along time, the person who resided at 106 1st SE lived in his SUV.  He had “keep out” signs on the property as well as a mail box set up to receive mail.  The property is in the name of Cindy McBroom. Miss McBroom was not the person living on the property.

Area being cleaned
City employees tackling the clean up job

City employee Shane Steele worked months getting address and following the court proceedings to acquire the ability to remove the vehicle and other debris.


Hopefully the lot will be completely cleaned Wednesday. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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