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The people have spoken and the City folks are listening!  Mayor Dale Berry is taking an active role in cleaning up Magee.  The suggestions sent to me for areas that are in need of attention are being addressed.

Mayor Berry and Blake of the City crew shows off the powers of the City’s new limb truck

Located on 2nd Street, this rental property has remained a mess for months.  The Mayor spoke with the owner and the limbs and debris have been removed.  ______ and Mayor Berry are pictured with the new limb truck for the City of Magee.
Look, it’s flat! This is where the old YMCA swimming pool was located!

Another “spot” that has been on the Eastside List for years, the old swimming pool has finally been filled!  YEA!
I did learn something else interesting today. Quarantine time is 10 days not 14 according to Magee Hospital spokesperson Pam Wallace!

While I was out and about, I passed by MGH COVID (rapid) test area.  The test is performed in a drive-thru.

Remember, if you have areas you would like to mention to the city, just email Sue.

One thing I hope to do is make some pictures of houses in Magee that are always clean and neat!  We have so many people who work hard to keep their homes beautiful.  Size isn’t the issue…neatest is what shines!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day holiday!  I sure did!  I visited my Florida grandsons, Connor and Preston.  Dickey, Lynda, Hudson, and I left Friday and returned Tuesday night.  We all wore mask!  Nothing like time with the family!
Sue, Connor, Dickey, Lynda, Preston, and Hudson front and center
Precious time with my grandsons and son! Connor, Preston, Hudson, Dickey, and Sue is an online news website covering Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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