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Daniel C. Jones, District Attorney, announces the guilty plea of Defendant Joseph Todd Turner to Twenty (20) years for Burglary of a Dwelling.

Mendenhall- District Attorney Daniel C. Jones announced that on Monday, March 16, 2015, with a jury seated and ready to hear opening statements, the defendant Joseph Todd Turner, age 28, Pearl, MS, and a member of the Simon City Royals Gang, pled guilty to burglary of a dwelling in the Harrisville Community in Simpson County before the Hon. Eddie H. Bowen in the Circuit Court of Simpson County, Mississippi.

The plea was for burglary of a dwelling for twenty (20) years under the direction, control, and supervision of the MDOC, and pay court costs of $451.50 and $3,500.00 in restitution to the victims prior to release from MDOC.

District Attorney Jones stated that “[his] office is determined to see that criminals are punished and that [he and his staff] will not stop until justice is served.” He went on to say that people need to know he “is determined to make sure people feel safe in their homes and that he is a strong believer in protecting his constituents as well as their homes and property”. Jones further added “a man’s home is his castle”.

District Attorney Jones statedTurner.Photo2 that his office “prosecutes criminals without passion, prejudice, improper influence, political standing, financial standing, or regards to race” and it is his duty to “ensure that justice will be served with each and every case [his] office handles.”

Daniel C. Jones represents the 13th Circuit Court District which includes Covington, Jasper, Simpson, and Smith counties.


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