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By Rev. Richard Kight

How many times have you told people can or will you help me with so and so and you never came?

Please open your Heart so you can Love, open your eyes so you can see, and your Mind so you can think and save!

Our Devotion today comes from 2 Kings 20:5, Turn again and help Hezekiah the captain of my people thus saith the Lord of God of David Thy Father I have Heard Thy Prayer, I have seen Thy Tears. Behold I will heal thee. On the Third Day Thou Shalt go up unto the Hour of the Lord.

In this Verse God wants the attention on the person he is speaking to and telling how he wants something done! Our Prayers must be in the Name of Jesus!

God sees our tears even if they are real or not. We ask God to Hold Us While We Cry! We tell God Thank You for Just being you! We are the Church our Buildings are Houses of Worship. God sure did an outstanding job in creating us and things in us, all we had to do is take care and receive our outstanding Reward in doing so.

Please take time out of your day and breath a prayer and say “Jesus Half Me While I Cry!” Have a Blessed and Awesome week!!! Make this week be your week of Victory! See you at the house! is an online news source covering Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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