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J-Turn intersections implemented across state




JACKSON, MISS—In recent years, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) has continued to implement Restricted Crossing U-Turn intersections, also referred to as J-Turns, throughout the state.


A J-Turn is an alternative to typical intersections along busy multi-lane highways that improves safety and efficiency for drivers. J-Turns can dramatically reduce crashes relating to crossing and turning left at multi-lane highway intersections found in Mississippi.


Using this type of turn substantially improves safety for the traveling public. The number of conflict points between vehicles when crossing or turning left at a normal multi-lane, divided highway intersection are reduced, and those that remain are less severe.


A recent study showed that J-Turns can reduce injury crashes by more than 40 percent and fatal crashes by 70 percent. While a J-Turn intersection may require motorists to travel additional distances to make the U-Turn, travel time can improve with more efficient turning, instead of waiting for a gap in traffic to cross the road.


Instead of crossing over traffic on a divided highway to make a left turn or stay straight, motorists make a right turn and merge onto the highway, then use a left-turn lane approximately a quarter of a mile down the highway to make a U-Turn to travel in the opposite direction. From there, drivers can either stay straight or make a right turn.


J-Turns are also a more cost-effective choice compared to other alternatives while offering significant safety advantages.  To learn more about how to safely navigate a J-Turn intersection, visit


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