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Haley Veazey Burnham contacted me and asked that I publish her letter to show the support she has for John Henry Berry, the city of D’Lo, and Simpson County.

Mrs. Burnham  sent this letter to the Magee Courier and Simpson County News also for publication.

Dear Editor,
This is in response to the recent article entitled “D’Lo’s ‘Big Mayor’ Files Bankruptcy” by your publisher. While this article does in fact bring up the financial struggles of this BIG MAYOR, I would like to clarify a few things and offer some words of encouragement to better portray the BIG PICTURE of this BIG MAYOR. First and foremost, this is not a new discovery. As stated in this article, the matter at hand happened just short of two years ago. So most would consider this “old news” and I would believe any publisher would consider that as well. At least any of us who know our BIG MAYOR would. We also consider this attempt to “bring to center stage” negativity and personal jabs at him frivolous because, it will in NO WAY hinder our feelings or support for him and the amazing opportunity this television series will bring to our beloved town of D’Lo and the county it resides in.
As a former “first grand-daughter” of D’Lo, I grew up knowing what it took to keep our small town going. I learned what dedication to your family, friends, neighbors, and community meant. My grandfather, Emery Veazey, served as Mayor for 12 years. In that time the BIG MAYOR became alderman and served along with him. I know exactly where our BIG MAYOR got his inspiration to want to continue the legacy of D’Lo and all it stands for. So I didn’t take this article written solely to shed negativity on our BIG MAYOR lightly at all. Hence, this response.
Since so much negativity has been “brought to center stage” , I am going to hop up on the stage with you and shed some positivity on the subject. Our BIG MAYOR has the biggest heart in America. His actions prove that. He has served as an Alderman, current Mayor, current volunteer fireman, MC for local sporting events, 4H instructor, participates in his church band. He is a dedicated husband, devoted father to 5 children, and beloved friend to all who are blessed enough to know him. So while you make his former financial struggles public, just remember there are plenty of people out there who know, love, and support this BIG MAYOR enough to look past that.
I also must thank you for advertisement you added at the end of your article. We truly appreciate the support. However, the show will air March 31st on UP TV. The correct time for Central Standard Time will be 8:30pm, not 9:30pm as stated in the previous article. You can tune in to UP TV on DirecTV channel 338, U-Verse on channel 369 (high definition will be 1369), and Dish TV channel 188. We encourage everyone to tune in and see for themselves what an amazing opportunity this is for our beloved D’Lo, and even the very county it resides in. I personally would like to thank each and everyone who has already supported and is continuing to do so. This show truly is a wholesome, hometown representation of the good in this town, county, and nation as a whole. With all the negativity in our society now, it will be a breath of fresh air.

Sincerely and Supportively,
Haley (Veazey) Burnham



Again, this letter was written by Haley Veazey Burnham




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