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One of the most fun groups of my pre-teen years were The Monkees. Davy Jones , Mickey Dolenz , Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork.
All of the pre-teen girls loved The Monkees and all of us boys wanted to be them. Everyone had their favorite.
My favorite of the bunch was Mike Nesmith. On the Monkees TV show, he was always the one with the level head and usually got the others out of the crazy situations that occurred.  A little known fact here , Mike Nesmith’s mother invented “Liquid Paper “.
The Monkees had several hits including: “Last Train To Clarksville ” Pleasant Valley Sunday ” ,and the most popular one with the teenage girls was Davy Jones singing “Daydream Believer”.
Me and my goofy group of friends tried to sing like the Monkees and talk like Davy Jones. We even tried the “Monkees Walk”, where you lock your arms together and walk side by side. We had Monkees notebooks and lunch boxes!
At the end of each television episode they would sing ” we’re the Monkees, you never know where we’ll be found, we may be coming to your town “.  Now as far as I know, they never showed up in Magee but that never stopped us from dreaming they would.

As with all things , Monkees Mania soon faded away. My friends and myself all moved on to the next fad that came along. But the good songs and great memories never faded. I still like to put these on the turntable from time to time and relive those carefree days.
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