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Today, the Supreme Court stopped President Biden’s vaccine mandates on private businesses and 84 million Americans. They confirmed what we knew all along – President Biden’s vaccine mandate on private businesses is “a significant encroachment into the lives and health” of 84 million Americans and he overstepped his authority by unilaterally dictating to Americans that they must obey his egregious orders. That means 84 million Americans will not have to fear whether they will receive a paycheck for simply exercising their rights.

The issue before the Supreme Court was not about whether the vaccine is safe and effective or if it’s the best tool to protect ourselves from COVID and prevent serious illness due to the virus (I believe it is.) It was about whether President Biden can use his power to force Americans to get vaccinated against their will.

Today’s decision is a major win for the United States. It’s a major win for federalism and our system of checks and balances. It’s a major win for workers across the country who want to put food on their table and still exercise their right to make the medical decision that’s best for them.

Today’s decision is also a major loss for politicians who want to usurp the Constitution and our rights. It’s a major loss for politicians who believe they can go around a duly elected legislature and singlehandedly implement the laws they believe are best. In other words, it’s a major loss for politicians who think they are above the law and can wield their power with a total disregard of the long-term consequences to the bedrock of our treasured democracy.

My administration and I will never stop fighting for your rights. We will never stop believing that you are responsible and capable enough to make the informed medical decisions that are best for you and your family. We will never stop operating under the idea that the people, not big, centralized government, are the catalyst for freedom and sound decision-making.

I hope today’s decision is a wake-up call to President Biden and his administration. I hope they realize their heavy-handed approach to governing isn’t working and will be challenged throughout the remainder of their term. I hope today is another step towards preserving the rights they seek to take.

The Supreme Court’s decision highlights one of the reasons why our judicial system is so important – the ability to hold bureaucrats accountable for overstepping their constitutional authority. No matter the unconstitutional mandates President Biden and his administration throw at us, we will never back down!

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Patrice, wife of Greg Boykin & mother of two sons, Bradley & Alex, is a Magee hometown girl. Patrice retired after 25 years in the Insurance industry and 23 of those years were with State Farm Insurance in Magee. She is very active in the community where she served as Secretary for the Magee Touchdown Club for 18 years and President of the MS Scholars of Simpson County. She was elected to a term on the Simpson County School Board. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Magee Chamber of Commerce. She serves on the Keep Magee Beautiful Committee and is a member of the Advisory Committee for the Simpson County Technical Center. Multiple times, Patrice was named Parent of the Year for Magee Schools as well as District Parent of the Year. Patrice & her family are members of New Hope Baptist Church.


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