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Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward a small commission – at no extra cost to you. came under attack Monday and Tuesday from hackers in China!  How crazy is that???  Within a few hours, we had over 200,000 hits!  Now, we do receive a lot of visits per day….but not 200,000 in an hour or so or a million a day!

We are blessed with a good firewall and a smart tech person, Charlie White!  We have been having problems working on the admin part of the website.  We kept getting kicked off.  Yesterday, I almost laid down and cried!  But, Charlie never gave up and continues working through our servers support.  Thanks to Charlie and “support” the hackers never made it through our protection.

What would we do without support?  I can’t imagine a life without support….from our faith, to our family, to our friends.  I could not face a day without the support I am given daily.  I know God is watching over me.  I imagine He shakes His head a lot…but He never walks away.  My family is steadfast by my side.  We support one another.  My friends are my rocks which keep me pushing onward.  Be a person who gives support.  We all need it.

Happy hacking day!


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