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Jacob Allan, who was killed in an accident last year, was a member of this great 12-year-old team heading to the World Series.  Jacob began playing with these guys when he was seven.


His friends wanted to do something to honor Jacob’s memory.  The boys chose to put a number 10 on each of their helmets.


When I received the picture of these helmets all lined up with the number ten visible, I just cried.  I cried for Jacob and his family…I cried for these friends who are experiencing death way too early…and I cried with pride…pride that these 12-year-old boys didn’t forget their friend…and they didn’t want others to forget Jacob.


One of the fears a parent who has lost a child has…is that their child will be forgotten.  This young team isn’t letting that happen…Jacob will be in their hearts and “on their heads.”  Jacob’s parents and family know he has not been forgotten and that feeling is precious to them.


When the Mississippi All Stars (which is our Magee team) take the field at 5:45 Saturday in Laurel against the  Arkansas All Stars, that team will not realize Mississippi has an extra player on the team …a player that lives in the hearts of every one of those 12 year old Magee boys…a player that is cheering, encouraging, and embracing his forever friends.


The way we were…isn’t a possibility…but the way we can be is just a hit or catch away.


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  1. Thanks so much for writing this article remembering Jacob, my great nehew, in such a humbling way. My heart goes out to his teammates as they play in the World Series. I thank the boys so much for remembering him and hope they come out on top of the World Series. They are already on top of my list. Good luck Mississippi 12 year old All Stars.


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