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Saturday morning, May 13th, proved to be an overcast day…perfect weather…for the Simpson County Firemen’s Challenge

16 Teams from all over the state plus Louisiana and 7 singles participated in the energy packed day.


Fire trucks lined the Sportsplex football field and flags were flying!  The day began with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.


Today was my first Firemen’s Challenge to attend…and I was fascinated!  A huge tower was constructed at one end of the field.  The remainder of the course was in front of the tower.


Magee’s Fire Department had 3 teams.  Mendenhall, Pinola, Braxton, Station 7, Old Pearl, and Harrisville participated in the competition or assisted with the set up and concessions.  Money raised at Saturday’s event will be split between the 7 county departments.


Winners of the competition:  1st place Flowood (time 1.15.5), 2nd place On Fire for God (time 1.16.5) and 3rd place Braxton (time 1.54.5)!  There was only one second difference between the first and second place teams!


The teams were composed of 5 firemen.  The course began with a fireman carrying a 42 lb weight on his back climbing up the tower steps.  The fireman must make contact with each step.  He tags off to another fireman who pulls a rope which has a 42 lb “doughnut” attached who think runs down the steps and tags the next guy who hits the Keiser sled.  Upon completion of the Keiser sled, the tag man begins the cone course.  The next station is the 1 ¾ “charged water cross lay hose.  The fully charged hose must be pulled 75’.  The final lap of the course is “Rescue Randy.” Rescue Randy is a 185 lb dummy that the participant must drag 106 feet while moving backwards!  I thought Rescue Randy was 145 lbs, but Fireman Michael Allan corrected me…185 lbs!!!  



Following the department challenge, a demonstration of the jaws of life was held followed by a youth (age 12 and under) challenge.

The young guy Jason had been given a fire helmet and ride in the Magee Fire Truck about a week before the event.


I cannot say enough about how interesting and amazing the challenge was!  Braxton even had a “girl” fire woman!!! She was awesome!

I will not miss next year.  Everyone needs to witness this happening.


All seven Simpson County firemen did a great job putting the event together.  Braxton Fireman Jerry Fairchild was in charge of the challenge and he did awesome! 


The guys and girls have a great time together.  Firemen have a bond…that cannot be broken…even by time.


Thank you to all our firemen.










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