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Youth from First Baptist Church of Magee loaded up with a mission to arrive at Mississippi  College to celebrate Super Summer!

Super Summer is a discipleship/evangelism leadership conference designed to provide qualitative spiritual growth and help develop student leadership in Mississippi churches. Utilizing a camp setting, for 30 years, Super Summer has challenged students to learn how to penetrate their culture for Christ.Super Summer is not for everyone in your youth group. It is designed for students who personally have a desire to grow spiritually. Students come to Super Summer knowing that they will be challenged not only to grow, but to actively share their faith with others. Church leaders are responsible for sending only students that meet the requirements set forth for participation.

Super Summer is designed to build on previous years. However, a junior or senior in high school who has never attended will still find that the camp is relevant to him/her. First-year students study basic discipleship issues. Second-year students get introduced to worldview, different beliefs, and character issues. Third-year students focus the entire week on becoming a leader in all areas of life. Fourth-year students concentrate on a biblical worldview. Fifth-year students spend the week reviewing and refining what they have learned over the past four years especially concerning servant-leadership. This includes hands-on missions experience, usually in the inner-city Jackson area.

Super Summer students are divided into schools based on the number of years they’ve attended and their age (ages for the individual schools sometimes change depending on registration numbers that particular year). Our basic school breakdown is:

  • First-year Students – Red, Silver, Orange, and Gold Schools
  • Second-year Students – Blue and Brown Schools
  • Third-year Students – Yellow and Lime Schools
  • Fourth-year Students – Green School
  • Fifth-year Students – Purple School
  • Adults Attending – Plaid School

We hope this week is rewarding for each and everyone involved.

Leaders of the Mississippi Baptist Convention and Baptist churches statewide are the biggest supporters of Super Summer camps each year at Mississippi College.



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