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As the Artic Winter blast  that crippled the county and state  comes to an end,  the positive is the beauty of the blanket of white ice/snow that covered the earth!

The ice/snow left a beautiful sight and fun for all ages to enjoy.

But, with the beauty comes challenges! Our roads were impassable and not accessible. Residents were left at home for days with no work or school, only emergency crews were out and about. Fireman, police officers, dispatchers, road crews, and emergency personnel  pulled numerous shifts to ready for when the call arrived

Our community came together and worked in unison. Police officers assisted with trees that needed to be cut. Fireman delivered food and water to stranded truckers and help to pull stranded vehicles from ditches. These heroes worked long tiresome hours to keep everyone safe as possible.

The mentioned above would help deliver water or medial needs to people, pick up healthcare workers and deliver them to the job safely.

As the ice began to melt, came the falling limbs and breaking of lines. Thousands of residents were without power in the extreme cold conditions. Lineman took the harsh conditions to get power restored. Road crews began working to clear the path of downed trees, limbs and debris across roads. Busted water pipes began to surface and water crews began working long hours to repair leaks and restore water.

There are many heroes from last week so many we are thankful for. If you see one of these emergency personnel, let them know you appreciate them and all they did to help during the storm.

I am sure I have left someone of importance out! There are just so many that played important roles. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.





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