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Own one…a “doll-face”… made by Ruby Jackson!

Ruby has been creating dolls for years. “Each doll has its own unique dress that I created for the doll,” stated Ruby.

Probably, 10 years ago, Ruby gave me one of her beautiful creations. Now, at that time, I still had no girls in my life…but I have always loved dolls…so I was thrilled.

During the years of her husband Charles’ sickness, Ruby had time to create and produce lots of dolls. Charles died this past year…and this life-changing event has brought changes to Ruby’s life.

Ruby is ready to share her creations with the world!

The cost of a doll is $10…and each stitch is done with love!

If you are interested in one of Ruby’s creations, please call her at 601-346-1284. Own a piece of Ruby’s heart by purchasing a “doll-face.”







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