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“DNow”stands for Disciple Now. So, a DNow Weekend is a Disciple Now Weekend. In its simplest form, a Disciple Now Weekend is a weekend retreat for a youth group.



DNow Weekends put a high premium on discipleship. There are Large Group sessions where a speaker can move the weekend’s theme along from a big-picture perspective. And there are super-intentional Small Group times where students go deeper with their individual small group leaders. It’s a focused time of spiritual growth and application.



This year DNow is countywide! Churches from all over Simpson County are banding together for a powerful time of discipleship.


The youth from Corinth Baptist Church are having a great time. Saturday night’s main event will be held at First Baptist Church in Mendenhall beginning at 7.


Pictured:  Trevor Maddox, Carlie May, Michael Allan. 2nd picture: Malisa Jones, Tiffany Walker, Roy & Teresa Bynum & Debbie Marsh.
3rd Pic:  Diana Holland & Amber Jones  4th pic:  Malisa Jones, Ashly Bynum, Amber Jones, Amber Shows, Zoe Welch, Diana Holland. 5th pic:  Amber Jones, Amber Shows, Zoe Welch  Amber Henry
MalisaDiana MalisaDianaGirl MalisaGroup MalisaTrevor MalisaZoe


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