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Cutting Edge at Magee Barber & Style is family & convenience

By Andy Knef

The ladies expertly cutting hair at the recently opened Magee Barber & Style are proud to be called barbers. In fact, while owner Sara Hayman has eight years of experience offering a wide range of hair styles for men, women and children, she claims a special fondness for the traditional vibe of a barber shop, where hair is clipped and stories are swapped.

“I love the feel of an old-time barber shop,” says Sara, who opened Magee Barber & Style Feb. 29 in the new shopping center just north of the Dirt Cheap store on Highway 49.  “I want our customers to find a welcoming place where the hair needs of the whole family are met in one place. Whether that’s Dad needing a haircut and a hot back-of-the-neck razor shave, the Kids needing to be distracted long enough to get a good haircut for school, or Mom wanting a cute new hairdo—we do it all.”

Sara was trained at Mack’s Barber College in Florence. She worked for six years at Madison Barber & Style, often performing up to 30 haircuts a day at the busy shop.  But the 2011 Magee High School graduate found the appeal of coming home to work too strong to resist. With the help of her husband and business partner Clint, and her best friend of 20 years and co-worker Hillary, Sara is living her dream by practicing her sizzling scissors and clipper skills right here in Magee. Store hours are 9 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday-Friday and 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturdays. “We’re proud to offer family discounts for multiple family members of $2 for each additional service,” Sara explains. “Military and first-responder customers also get a $2 discount for each service they purchase.”

In addition to the best haircut in town, Magee Barber & Style offer a full-service menu including face shaves, eyebrow waxes, hair-coloring, shampoos, trend-setting styling, and even formal hair consulting for that special prom or pageant. “I love the hometown feel of this place,” Sara adds. “It’s the kind of shop where you can come in and grab a cup of coffee and sit and talk while we make you look your best. We wanted to own a business right here in this great location on Highway 49. Our shop reflects our hometown. Our goal is that everyone in your family can find what they need here in one place. We simply want you to feel comfortable every time you come in.”

“Comfortable” is exactly what this reporter felt as he received a much-needed haircut this week at Magee Barber & Style from Hillary Hayman. The former Magee Trojan keeps it all in the family at the shop. She is Sara’s trusted hair wizard sidekick who just happens to be married to Clint’s brother DannyHayman of Mendenhall.  “I love the relationships I build with clients cutting hair here,” says the three-year veteran hair stylist. “Have to admit, I particularly enjoy cutting men’s hair. You might not get dramatic before-and-after transformation, but you do get to pamper them with a little hot shave and towel treatment. They really appreciate it. Mostly, I really enjoy that most of the people I serve I know personally. Probably went to school with them or someone in their family and they know me and my family.”

A family atmosphere with unrivaled convenience. Those are the qualities that give Magee Barber & Style the cutting edge. They’ll be expanding their staff soon, but expect the same excellent service on your timeline. “We’re committed to being ‘walk-in’ based,” Sara declares with obvious pride. “Anyone, at any time, can come in at their convenience and get a great haircut.”

Take it from this reporter! She speaks the truth! The phone number at Magee Barber & Style is 601-867-1096.








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