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Allow Hydroxychloroquine Treatment for COVID-19 Patients

 It is time the people of Mississippi take control of their health and well-being during this pandemic. Doctors have been prohibited from prescribing a well documented and safe treatment to combat the COVID-19 virus and pharmacist have been instructed to deny any prescription of Hydroxychloroquine.
Please join me by adding your name to a letter asking Governor Reeves to give the doctors in Mississippi and their patients the choice to treat this virus and save their life.

Governor Tate Reeves,

Over the past five months the people of the Great State of Mississippi have suffered both economic and personal liberty hardships. We have closed our businesses, skipped high school graduations, rescheduled weddings, funerals and even surgeries to “flatten the curve” and protect ourselves and others from the COVID-19 virus. Our churches have endured threats from government officials for worshiping God while pastors and worshippers have received tickets and even faced the threat of arrest because they serve God and not the state.

Now that all of those attempts to flatten the curve seem to have failed we are faced again with threats from government if we choose to not wear a mask. We have seen our worship interrupted again; limitations are again being placed on our businesses that threaten attempts to recover from the first forced shutdown. We find ourselves again in a position where hospitals are full of patients and we hear the warnings that if they fill to capacity with COVID patients we risk death because of lack of available medical care.

For several months President Trump has suggested the research shows Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) combined with Azithromycin is an effective treatment for patients who contract the COVID-19 virus. Research and 65 years of prescriptions of HCQ has proven this treatment to be extremely safe with little to no side effects. This medicine is considered so safe that it is available over the counter in several countries. In the US it has been widely prescribed by doctors for numerous conditions and given to those planning to travel abroad to countries that have outbreaks of malaria.

This treatment must be made available to the people of our state. Conservative Republicans have long demanded that government should not get between doctors and their patients. We hold the belief that government officials and bureaucrats should get out of the way and allow patient the “right to try” even experimental treatments. President Trump even signed federal legislation promoting the right to try.

We the undersigned citizens ask you to ensure there are no obstacles placed in front of doctors and their COVID patients who choose HCQ as a treatment. We ask that you ensure the State Board of Health and the State Board of Pharmacy remove any obstacles they have in place that prohibits or makes difficult the prescription of HCQ to treat COVID patients.

Governor Reeves, indeed this virus is deadly, please ensure that the doctors of our state have every tool available to them to help our citizens. Please follow the lead of our President and bravely withstand the pressure of media and liberal politicians who prefer to see citizens die to gain political power. We beg you, stand for the people of Mississippi and give them the ability to save their own life.

We have included a white paper written by several doctors who endorse the use to HCQ to treat COVID patients.

White Paper on HCQ

Thank you Governor for you leadership throughout this trying time and for ensuring patients in our state have this medical treatment available.


Rep. Dana Criswell





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  1. There is NO evidence that HCQ will harm anyone except for possibly those with a heart condition! Even then personally I would take the chance of a heart attack over dying from a severe case of the flu!! The evidence has already shown that Fauci is complicit in thousands of deaths, shutting the doors on hundreds of businesses and shutting our country down! Dana is exactly correct in his comments! So people wake up and see what China and the Democrats are doing to you and our great country!! Have a nice day!!!


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