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Conservative Men of Simpson County Meeting @ Eason’s Fish House

By Andy Baeuerle

On July 26, the Conservative Men of Simpson County hosted the 3 candidates for the office of Simpson County Chancery Clerk: Tim Gray, Randy Moore, and Clayton Giles. Each candidate introduced himself and gave a little background of his experience and why he should be elected. 

Mendenhall Alderman at Large Tim Gray: 

Tim Gray

“I’m your typical Simpson County story.” Tim Gray was born and raised in Simpson County. He is very well known in the county, and serves as the Alderman at Large for Mendenhall. After the meeting was over, I talked to Alderman Gray, and asked him “What strengths do you bring to the office of chancery clerk?” His response was his social flexibility. Alderman Gray stated he has worked with the city for a while and has built up his social flexibility, saying “I’ve found it easy to work with multiple different types of people and that’s what this position takes.”

Clayton Giles: 

Picture not available of Clayton Giles

Clayton Giles is a Simpson County native as well. Mr. Giles was homeschooled, attended Co-Lin in Simpson County, then attended Mississippi College, graduating with a Juris Doctorate degree from the MC School of Law. After the meeting needed, I asked Mr. Giles “What strengths do you bring to the chancery clerk office?” He responded “Strengths…man it’s hard to talk about yourself like that, but I believe my experience as an attorney and working in the court system make me a good pick for the office. I’m not saying I’m overqualified, or the other two are under-qualified. All 3 of us have great experience, and November will be interesting.” 

Simpson County Supervisor Randy Moore:

Randy Moore

Another son of Simpson county, Randy Moore has served as the supervisor of District 5 for many years. After recently deciding not to seek re-election, Supervisor Moore felt he could be of more service to the county as the Chancery Clerk. While not intending to run for this election, he finally decided not to wait, and to go and pursue now. When the meeting was over, I asked Supervisor Moore “What strengths do you think can help you win this election?” Moore’s response was this: “I’ve worked as a supervisor for many years. I’ve had on hand experience with the Chancery Clerk, in the office and in the court, and I’ve picked a lot up on the way.”

Other speakers for the evening were District 77 Rep. Price Wallace, and MDOT Chief Executive Brad White. Both gave updates on what Mississippi is working on in the government, and how it will affect those in Simpson County. 

Price Wallace
Brad White

Other notable local figures in attendance were: Sheriff Paul Mullins, Constable Chris Jones, Game Warden Chad Shows, Judge Ted Blakeney, Simpson County Circuit Clerk Witt Fortenberry, and former Sheriff Kenneth Lewis. 

For those of you like me who don’t understand what the chancery Clerk does, Wayne Womack, who is the head of the Conservative Men’s Association of Simpson County, and Judge Blakeney explained it to me such as this: the Chancery Clerk handles civil cases such as divorces, child custody cases, and even some lawsuits. 

And also, for those wondering, the fish was pretty good as well!

We will keep y’all updated on when the next meeting will be held, and where. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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