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My name is Cliff Brown. I am the born again Christian, no nonsense conservative candidate for Mississippi House of Representatives District 77. That is held the seat held by Andy Gipson until he resigned to become Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce. Andy left some huge shoes to fill, but I believe that as long as I continue to depend on the leadership of the Holy Spirit, I can fill those shoes. 

I grew up in the Dry Creek community in south Rankin County. I lived in Starkville while I was a college student and I lived in Fairfield, CA. while serving in the Air Force. Other than those two places, I never lived anywhere other than Rankin County. My wife, Jade Brown, and I still live in the house my grandfather once lived in.

My wife and I are both very active in Dry Creek Baptist Church. We both sing in the choir. I serve as an ordained deacon, adult Sunday school teacher and Bible drill helper. 

In 1995, my wife and I established Jade’s Beauty Supplies & Fashions in Magee, and we still operate that business today. Before we opened our store, I was a state employee and worked for the department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. 

Neither I nor my wife came from well connected families. Neither of us attended private schools. Neither of us has a fancy political pedigree and was never appointed to any sort of board or commission. Neither of us has ever been given official titles in any political party. We owe no political favors and nobody owes us. 

Jade legally immigrated to the USA from South Korea and legally finished the naturalization process. She is proud of the effort she took to become a citizen and does not like it when illegal aliens break in line ahead of honest candidates for citizenship. She graduated high school and took a few college classes in California before moving with me to Mississippi. Her parents were average middle class citizens in her former nation. Her father was a construction contractor. My father was an ordinary factory worker. He worked at Magna Tech until he died in the factory. My wife and I both know what it is like to earn the things we have.

 I believe that governments at every level spend our hard earned tax money on frivolous junk. They also waste our money on administrative overhead and lose a lot to fraud. Government officials put up with crap that no business owner would ever put up with. I cannot promise to eliminate all of the fraud, waste and abuse, but I can promise to be an extra set of open eyes.

Abortion is still legal in our state. I pray that someday that barbaric practice will stop, but until then it is the job of the legislature to restrict it as much as possible. They did manage to reduce the age at which a baby can be legally killed. They passed laws that make it easier to tell mothers that the baby inside is actually a living human. They made adoption a little easier. Andy Gipson was the moral voice in the legislature and lead on abortion and adoption issues. I am in total agreement with him on those issues and will continue in the same path.

The US Constitution says that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, but government at every level is actively working to infringe that right. I am an endowment member of NRA and a life member of Gun Owners of America, so obviously I will do my part to defend that right. I will work to protect not only that right but all rights guaranteed to us by our constitution. It does not matter if you, I or anyone else loves or hates a particular right or any other part of our constitution. We cannot pick and choose which parts to follow but must defend the whole constitution.

To find out more about me and my stand on more issues, please visit my website, I also invite you to visit, like and share my Facebook page, which is titled “Elect Cliff Brown Representative District 77”.



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