McNair Springs
Ace Evans sings the National Anthem at the Great American Clean Up Kickoff.

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Saturday, April 6, 2019 was a major clean up day in Magee.  At McNair Springs, the “Great American Clean up”  took place.  On Raleigh Road in Magee, another “great” clean up was taking place.

The volunteers did an awesome job at both places.  Around 20 people were involved in the Raleigh Road project led by Patrick Brown. 

I spoke with City Employee Lee Roberts who had pick up duties for both places.  Lee told me that 1,3500 gallons of trash were picked up Saturday from McNair….that is 45 BIG garbage bags.  Monday, the city picked up approximately 2,000 pounds of debris!  The city has been cleaning and hauling trash for several weeks from McNair.  I wonder what the “whole” total would be!

Patrick’s crew picked up 2,070 gallons of trash and also 45 big “body” bags of trash!

I took a tour Monday to check out the work that had been done at both places.  If you had not seen Raleigh Road before, you really cannot appreciate all that 20 man/woman crew accomplished.  They did an awesome job!  Sure there are areas that still need work, but these folks made a huge difference.  The group will soon tackle the Washington Parks area (the old baseball field).  Through the support of area churches, Patrick’s crew is working on long range plans to make the  Goodwater Community clean and mowed.  The area around the Goodwater sign looks awesome.  I kept thinking, look what 20 people did…just imagine what 50 people could do!  These people have a love for our city and their community.  Thank you for the work and devotion shown.

McNair Springs is looking great.  Sure there are areas that still need cleaning and weed eating is needed in several spots, but over-all the park looks good.  The area around the natural spring is beautiful and the benches add a calm and inviting area for people to sit. The flower beds are fabulous! …a crowing jewel!

These type of projects don’t just end!…they are a continuous project that we as citizens must make the effort to keep on pushing.  Over and over, I hear “clean up Magee.”  Well, let’s clean it up…to clean up it takes everyone.  Don’t liter!  What can I say, throw your trash in a can or keep in a bag.  The beauty of our roadways is everyone’s responsibility.

Much thanks to Lee and his men.  These guys are keeping up the City park, the old baseball fields, the Y walking track as well as the cemetery.

Thanks to Christian and Cooper Carrico for their dedication and push to the McNair Springs dream! 

Thanks to Danny Craft and his road crew for the mowing of the roadways near McNair Springs and around the springs.  Thanks to the city officials and the chamber for the support.

I appreciate everything everyone did.  Thank you!  Ya’ll make us proud!

McNair Springs
The dugouts on one of the baseball fields were sanded down and given a new coat of paint.


McNair Springs
The gates at the entrance of the park’s baseball complex were sanded as well and given a fresh coat of black paint.

Peoples Bank in Magee, Mississippi


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