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Ance Grubbs paid a visit to my home Saturday morning to deliver his handmade Christmas ornaments. The ornaments are not just any type ornament…they are made with love and promise.

Ance has been making Christmas ornaments since 1998! He does not sell the ornaments because selling would break the idea of giving during the Christmas season.

I was blessed to get “on the list” because of my husband. Ance and Gilbert were big friends. The first gift we received was a cross made with dimes. I had never seen anything like the design. Following Gilbert’s death, Ance kept me on the list. I wonder if he has any idea what his gift means to me. Ance didn’t forget me. He didn’t sweep me to the side after Gilbert was gone. I look forward every year to his gift…because the gift comes from the heart and is truly the beginning of the Christmas season -a season of giving.

Thank you Ance for your continued friendship. I appreciate this man! I admire this man! I look forward to what design he will create every year.

The lesson Ance teaches is one we should all learn and follow…give from the heart…not to receive…but to share apart of of yourself with others.

A man of unlimited talents, Ance is sharing his creations with others.

(I also like the fact he still calls and thinks of me as “Sue Dickey.”…my daddy would be thrilled)



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