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Mayor Dale Berry contacted me Wednesday afternoon with some great news!!! One of the houses on the “list” was being cleaned up and torn down!   The “burned” house at 322 Raleigh Drive was demolished by Bruce Lewis and his employee Deon Hill.  The house was purchased in a tax sale and the new owner agreed to pay to clean up the area!  I do not know who the owner is…but thank you!  (check original article is their Hope for our City)
The clean lot!!!
Bruce Lewis, his employee Deon Hill, and Mayor Dale Berry survey the lot after Bruce had mowed the area. This picture was made on Wednesday, September 2, 2020. The structure was destroyed on Thursday, September 3rd.

I spoke with Mayor Berry earlier in the week.  Although the “list” was not one I had complied but rather pictures that were sent to me,  Mayor Berry and the Aldermen are making a concerned effort to get the ball rolling on areas in our city.

The highway area has never looked better.  Mr. Winger and his crew do an awesome job.  The aldermen made a good decision to contract the clean up of our highway.

Freshly mowed area on Highway 49.
Notice how well the areas around the light poles and signs are maintained.

I know a couple of other places on the “list” have been worked on.  I hope to have pictures of those areas soon.

I appreciate Mayor Berry getting behind the clean up project.

If you would like to submit an area for clean up, send your pictures to is an online news source covering Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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