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I always believe there is hope…in any situation.  But, the condition of our city is heartbreaking.  I am constantly contacted by residents of the city about the appearance of our city, about abandoned houses, and about trash everywhere.

Across the Street from the old elementary (Raleigh Drive and 5th Avenue NE)

There has to be a solution!  I feel the solution involves the “powers to be” at City Hall as well as the residents of Magee.

I spoke with City Attorney Bruce Smith who explained the process for cleaning properties.

Joe Worrell, building inspector, is the man in charge in Magee.  Joe must contact the homeowner…find the homeowner… and start the process of addressing a property.

According to Attorney Smith, “the clean up is not as complicated as demolishing a structure.”

The person/ landowner must be given notification either through a certified letter or a letter delivered by the city or the police.  Usually, the letter explains the cleaning needed and gives a time limit for the debris/trash/weeds to be removed.  If the person does not respond, a second request or reminder is sent.  A hearing concerning the property is arranged.  The person is contacted about the hearing.  If the person does not show up for the hearing, the city can proceed to clean  the area and charge the fee to the person’s taxes. (Charge-back)

This method will work…but we are looking at time and perhaps money if the city becomes responsible for the clean up.

I feel we must proceed in making an effort to erase these eye sores.  We will never become a clean city if we do not start.

In all fairness to the city, several properties have been demolished as well as many property owners being contacted about their property.  It is just not enough!

Demolishing a property is more difficult but again doable.  Often, identifying the property owner or owners can be quiet time consuming.  Does that mean we don’t try?  Not in my opinion!

I realize some people may think all I care about is trash!  To some extent that is true.  The condition of the city is what I receive so many complaints about.

If you know of a property that needs cleaning, contact City Hall, your mayor or aldermen, Joe Worrell, or me.  We are all in this together and want a positive result.

The pictures below were submitted by a Magee citizen.  All houses are abandoned. I do not know where all the houses are located in the city.  If I do know, I will put info on picture.

Note the condition around the sign! Killing weeds is not the answer. Weed-eat these areas! (intersection of Frances Avenue and John Ware Street)
Warehouse located on the way to the Sportsplex
Located on Highway 541 near the Millcreek bridge
Located at the old Magee Elementary School which owned by Head Start
Notice growth. This is the “walking track” bridge below the Magee HS track.
Located on 149 across from the old hatchery.
At least someone stacked it up…now let’s pick it up! Jadek Drive
Every property is located in the City Limits of Magee
Abandoned house on 9th Avenue
check out the growth in this area—located in the Eastside Community
House engulfed in trees on highway 28 East (Not aware this house was there until power lines were cut)
City of Magee
Stubbs Road which is located behind the Co-Op and the RR Tracks run in front and highway 28 is near
City of Magee
The old Roach’s Cabinet Shop which located 5th Avenue. (behind hospital and highway 149)
City of Magee
Located on 3rd Street NW which is catty-cornered to the football field. Bring like this for YEARS
City of Magee
Old Roaches Cabinet Shop
Stubbs Road

City of Magee

11th Avenue
3rd Street Below Football field
City of Magee
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  1. Take a look along hwy 49 south as you enter Magee. The first thing to see is not 1 but 2 junk yards. Neither has any fencing around them in any attempt to hide the junk cars and trucks. Not a very pleasant sight as you enter the City.

    Thank you.


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