Wanda McNair Barrett

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One of my high school friends, Wanda McNair Barrett, is facing surgery for breast cancer.  Wanda has always managed on her own.  With her health situation, Wanda has had to quit work.

Funds are pretty low and tight at this time.

Wanda’s cousin Steve McNair has  established a Go Fund Me account.

Wanda grew up in Magee and graduated from Magee High School in 1969.

If possible, make a donation.  Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Written by her cousin, Steve McNair

A little over a year ago, my cousin Wanda (McNair) Barrett, was working at a job she loved and was comfortable living in Flowood Mississippi. Then things began to change. She became more and more tired and unable to shake it off. It turned out to be a problem with her thyroid. She was in a state of exhaustion and had to quit work. As she attempted to turn this condition around she found a lump in her breast. Scared, tired and uneasy she tried to think about getting better and that lump turned out to be a very aggressive cancer. She underwent chemo-therapy to possibly shrink the tumor but that has failed to do the job completely so now she faces surgery on September 23rd to remove the breast and some lymph nodes and hopefully save her life.

Those of you who grew up knowing Wanda remember an outspoken, energetic person who said what she thought, whenever she thought it and let the chips fall where they may. Well, now she is somewhat the same, only she has a disease that could easily take her life regardless of what she does. But it is “Wanda” that we are dealing with. So she is going to fight this all the way. She just needs our help to do so.

She lives alone, with only Social Security coming in and unable to work, and she is having difficulty coping with the expenses regarding the daily necessities of life. Her recovery and treatment will be long and hard. Will you help us see her through this ordeal that she finds herself facing. Her extended family is doing what they can to help her but she needs more help than we are able to provide. So to cut to the chase, we need your help to ease the burden that Wanda faces. Any amount will be helpful, so give what you can and “share” this with your friends and let’s get her through this. Thank you all for your assistance and God Bless You!



Click on the above link to donate.






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  1. Steven McNair, Wanda’s cousin, is the originator of the Wanda Gofundme account, and the bio was written by Steven. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless.


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