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Because I have no grandchildren in Magee, I get very attached to young people who work with me.  Michael Allan and I spent about two years together.  I nearly drove the poor guy crazy!  But he has been steadfast in his love for me.  

Michael is a smart boy.  Michael is a kind boy.  Michael likes to help others.  Michael has a soft heart.  Michael knows pain (his younger brother died in front of his eyes.  Michael loves the fire department.  Michael also loves Molly Berch!

Molly and Michael!!!

At the Tuesday night, September 7, 2021 Board of Aldermen meeting, Building Inspector Phillip Magee informed the board of a grant the Fire Department would be receiving to assist with purchasing breathing air systems.  Michael took it upon himself to search, go after, and receive the grant!  I am so proud of his grant writing skills.  Michael knows the needs.  He will find away.  The FEMA grant is for $49,047.62.  The City will match 5% ($2,452.38).

You would have thought I was Michael’s mother by the smile on my face.  I knew Michael could do anything…I’m just glad to see him “go forth.”

Michael works full time for the Columbia Fire Department and part time with the Magee Fire Department.  He is a volunteer fireman.  Michael was awarded Fireman of the Year a few years ago.  If I am not mistaken, he was the youngest fireman ever awarded that title!

Michael Allan

Michael is in Louisiana with the Columbia Fire Department helping his fellow man.  Why am I not surprised he volunteered to go.

Another award but this time from the Columbia Fire Department. Rookie of the Year

His dad, Philip, and mom, Jean, and sister, Jessica are so proud of Michael, just as I am.

Here is a young man stepping up to the plate of life and hitting every ball thrown to him.

I love Michael!  He would put up with all my crazy stuff with MageeNews!  We got the first golf cart tag issued in the county!  He was all about making things happen.

Blessings on Michael and prayers for his safety.

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