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On June 3, 2019, the Board of Supervisors met for the regular meeting. The meeting began with the approval of the May minutes, all agreed and the motion passed. Next, was Mr. Buddy Wolverton, the County Engineer, who brought his report forward. He reported that the Saratoga – Sharon Road Project was basically complete while three other projects are awaiting bids. Also, Mt. Zion to Shivers Road is to be resurfaced and the information has been mailed to the office of State Aid.

After that, Mr. Ben Warren, County Road Manager, reported that culverts were being replaced that had been washed out from recent heavy rains. Also, Warren said that recent dry weather had allowed his crews to fix some pot holes around the county.

Fred Alexander came before the Board to discuss some concerns he had with the Simpson County Sheriff’s Department. Mr. Alexander was encouraged to take his concerns to the Justice Court where charges could be filed and the matter could be handled. You can hear the entire exchange on the LIVE broadcast below.

Greg Reynolds presented a staff change to the Board. The promotion of Joseph Grantham to the Position of Healthcare Administrator was approved and will be effective June 17, 2019.

Tax Assessor/ Collector Charles Baldwin and Tommy Joe Harvey both brought the matter of a tax exemption for Howard Industries before the Board. The exemption was approved and the Board moved forward with other matters.

The County Administrator, Rhuel Dickinson, brought many items before the board. Three bridge projects were updated as well as other minor bridge related issues. Also, the lowest bid from Trustmark Bank was approved for the E911 Upgrade Console and related equipment. Another issue that was brought up was the rental of a Soil Stabilizer/ Mixer for road rehabilitation across the county. This was debated and the board agreed to have a trial run of the machine to test its worthiness and to use the it if it can handle the job. Finally, there was a discussion regarding some county equipment. A discussion regarding the equipment was centered around trade-ins and an update was given on the new dump trucks that the county would be receiving. The meeting ended with the board asking everyone to exit the room so that they could enter executive session to discuss some personnel issues.



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