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The police have always told me the need for the public to help be their eyes. Well, not only does the PD need you to be aware…this is something you need to do.

This week, a lady leaving a local gym in Magee was approached by a man. The guy asked if she knew anything about banking. He asked her to walk to his jeep. (Red). She then informed the guy she was packing and it would not be a good idea to get very close to her….because “I will shoot you!”

This is so scary to me. Please people be aware of your surroundings! Don’t get distracted by your phone. Keep you eyes wide open.

Watch out for the other person!

(The lady who gave me this information asked for her name not to be used or to share the location of the gym.) is an online news source covering Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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