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Once again, a radio station in Magee…

The late Pastor Gene Amason, Sr., former pastor of Church Alive in Magee had a vision and the vision was to start a Christian radio station in this area.  Pastor Gene, Sr., passed away before he could see the vision to its completion.  His son, Pastor Gene Amason, II, who now leads the Church Alive congregation continued leading the pack to fulfill a wish of his father.   Renew 96.9 is born.  The “Renew” station is a gospel/christian radio station.

Pastor Gene along with a member of the congregation came to MageeNews and said we want  to partner with Renew 96.9 to bring news to the radio.

So here we are, Sue and Jason, on the radio.  You may just hear Sue or just may hear Jason but most of the time it is both on the radio Monday through Friday at 7:45am, 8:45am, and 9:45am as well as various other times through out the day.  Jason and Sue wants to share with you, across the radio waves, the happenings, upcoming events, and anything else we believe is important to you our listeners!

You can tune in on your radio dial at 96.9 or download the Renew 96.9 app by going to your apple store and typing renew969 (The app is a free download).

MageeNews is honored to be working with Pastor Gene, his Church Alive congregation, and Renew 96.9 to “keep everyone updated and in the know.”  Check out the video and listen to a brief portion of Jason and Sue at work.



SueJasonGood SueJason3 SueJason2










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