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A very highly debated topic in the Mississippi Legislature this session, is Civil Asset Forfeiture. With this topic being in the news cycle, it has left many citizens scratching their heads wondering, what does this mean to me? For many years in Mississippi, it has been law that officers can seize property under a certain value, that they believe is connected to criminal activity, without specific legal action from a judge. This law has expired and Representative Mark Baker, candidate for Attorney General, is trying to make sure that this law is renewed. Opponents of the law say that it makes confiscation of property much easier for police and infringes on person rights. Other opponents claim that order to retrieve the items confiscated,one must get involved with costly legal procedures. If Mississippi renews the law, it would buck national trends that are against such legislation dealing with the subject. Many conservative lobbying agencies in the state have written letter expressing their concerns with the bill. On the other hand, law enforcement agencies have been lobbying law makers to support the controversial bill. As the bill progresses, will continue to bring updates on this issue. We hope to have Representative Mark Baker on the TalkShow in the near future to question him on these issues and more.

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