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Many of you were so good to pray for Lilly Davis.  Lilly got better.  The shots helped but now they are not working.  Lilly is in a good bit of pain.  She can’t attend school…there are a lot of things she can’t do! Lilly is scheduled for a sleep study on Tuesday (19th) and a zoom meeting with Dr. Greenfield on the 29th.

Additional test will be done before an exact treatment plan is in place.

The family appreciates your prayers and ask you please continue to remember Lilly.


I don’t know if ya’ll are like me, but sickness and death during the holidays makes an even tougher time.  I have a prayer request.  Lilly Davis, daughter of April Garner and Mike Davis and granddaughter to Chuck Akers and Claudette Cliburn (Mendenhall) is very sick.

Lilly is a freshman at SCA (15 years old). This is Lilly’s first year at SCA.

I am going to share with you what April said about Lilly’s condition.  Presently she is in Blair Batson hospital in Jackson.

Lilly is having debilitating headaches, numbness and difficulty walking sometimes due to Chiari malformation that she was born with. Basically,  the base of her brain is protruding from the hole at the base of her skull. Neuro team here seems to be very good. They’re trying a lot of different things to help her headaches. Surgery is last resort.

This is scary!  The entire family needs your prayers.  I will keep everyone updated.

Sue the prez

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