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In 1967 Magee High School had the only State Tournament Champ ever!  Fifty-five years later these ladies  (Jerilyn Warren McCall, Susan Caudle Wajos, Betty Everett, Diane Smith Koon, Patricia McWilliams Walker, and Maxine Harvey Shows) still get together to talk about old and new times.

“Our team lost the Overall State Championship by one point in a triple overtime,” shared Betty Everett…almost all of Magee was at the game back in 1967!  Betty Ella played with the ladies professional basketball team the Redheads 67-69.  Yes, Betty Ella had to dye her hair red! In 2013 Betty was inducted to the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in Knoxville, TN. She coached basketball for 28 years! Betty Ella resides in Magee, Mississippi.

Betty Ella, Jerri Lynn, and Patricia Mc played offense.  Susan, Diane, and Maxine played defense.  This was during the 3 0n 3 years!

The 3 on 3 ended in 1967 and the “rover” came in the next years.  The rover   had 2 guards, 2 forwards, 2 rovers. (Rovers run up and down the court!). According to Betty Ella, “the school systems were trying the “rover” because they didn’t believe girls could run up and down  full court!”

Another fine athletic who stayed in Magee is Maxine Harvey Shows.  That Maxine was a wild fast one on the court.  Many people remember Maxine from Peoples Bank in Magee.

Susan Claudle brought height and speed to the team.

Diane Smith was an excellent all around athletic who brought grit and determination to the team.  Diane didn’t like losing! She was named to the State All Star Team.

Patricia McWilliams (better known as Tricia Mac) was a year behind the other four starters.  Tricia graduated in 1968 where she played on the State All Star Team.  Talking about fire!!!…this girl was a fireball.  She was moved to the high school team in the 8th grade! Tricia Mac was also  to play in the All Star game for the All State team.

Jerilyn came to Magee from White Oak and blew up that gym!  She was one feisty player.  She would light up the net!

The team was awarded the A-AA Championship in basketball.  The girls are still hanging onto their trophy and bring to the reunions.  

Playing ball together brings a long lasting bond which cannot be broken.

Ya’ll made Magee proud then…and you make us proud now. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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