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Mayor Dale Berry opened the December 6, 2022 City of Magee Board of Aldermen meeting.  Aldermen Mark Grubbs led in prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Mayor welcomed those present and asked if anyone had public comments.  Mrs. Mary Griffith from the Goodwater Community explained a water/sewer problem, which she had paid approximately $5,700 in repairs, was not her total responsibility.  The Mayor asked Mrs. Griffith for the copies of the bill explaining the matter will be taken under advisement.

The Agenda and Claims Docket was approved.

Mayor Berry explained the board is interviewing for the position of Zoning Commissioner.  Four applicants applied.  One application was incomplete.  The Board will act on the position in a timely manner.

Philip Magee reported ground work on Zaxby’s began  Tuesday, December 6, 2022.  The building should be completed in 128 days.  The location is near Loves.  Mr. Magee has requested permission to attend a workshop on the Coast in June (13-17).  The board supported the request.

Deputy Fire Marshall and property manager Shane Steele informed the Board that all four properties requested for clean up are complete.  Work continues on other properties in the city.  (If you have a complaint on an area in the city, please contact Shane @ 769-229-2707.  Property address will be required).

Fire Marshal Charlie Valadie reminded the public that fire works will be legal the week before Christmas until the week following New Years.

Police Chief Shane Little explained some of the new uniforms have arrived.  The board is  not happy with the length of time the purchase has taken. Alderman Mark Grubbs emphasized  the need for the new uniforms in a timely manner.  The Chief explained the breakdown was the company full-filling their obligation.

The board recessed into Executive Session concerning a personal matter.


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