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Building Inspector Joe Worrell reported at the October 6, 2020 Board of Aldermen meeting that progress is being made in the clean up of a house located on 1st Street near Entergy.  Joe has been in contact with the land owner and hopefully, a solution will be worked out to tear down and clean the area.  If the city cleans the area, the cost will be added to taxes on the property.  The house does have asbestos which requires proper removal.

Property located at the end of the football field on 3rd Avenue NE is looking much better.  A volunteer group (Mt Zion Baptist Church of Mendenhall and Rho Iotz Zeta Sorority) have taken on the project to continued yard clean up.
Dizzie and Desiree Mitchell of Zion Hill Baptist Church in Mendenhall and Rho Iota Zeta sorority assist in clean up of property below Magee Football Field

The building located behind the washateria and across from the Mims Mitchell Funeral Home that once was an insurance office has been cleaned.  Additional work is still needed on the site, but the building is free of trees and vines.
Located behind washateria and beside Mims Mitchell Funeral Home

Joe explained that two areas on 4th Avenue NW are being addressed.  One home owner says he is going to clean the area but his equipment has broken down.  The other house has a tree through the roof.  Joe is trying to locate the owner of the property where the tree is.

Work will continue to remove junk cars (cars that will not run) from homes all over the city.  Under city ordinance, cars can not be on property if the car can not be driven.  The cars will be removed at the home owners expense.


The CARES ACT money received by the city ($103,000) must be earmarked and requested by October 15th

Areas were the money has been spent or requested:

Access Control @ City Hall

Plexiglass in areas where office workers collect money from public

Additional doors in City Hall

Mask and filters have been ordered for Fire Department



Camera system with iPads

Joe discussed the impending hurricane and suggested the City be ready to declare a state of emergency. is an online news source covering Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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