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Friday morning at approximately 12:15 many areas in downtown and surrounding areas of Magee lost power.  Power lines on 2nd Avenue near the Methodist Church were pulled down by an 18 wheeler on a city street.  The truck pulled several lines down as well as snapping a light pole.  Part of the pole was attached to the back of the truck.  One part of the pole was wedged between the cab and body of the truck.


Fire Marshal Charlie Valadie explained that the driver had to remain in the truck until Entergy workers arrived to lift the live wires off the truck.  When the driver exited the truck, he was told to jump and not touch any part of the truck.

Magee Police, the Fire Marshal, and Entergy was on scene.

The accident left a large part of the city without lights.

The Century plant is near the white car…looks like a pole. The light pole that was ripped down is near a clump of grass. Note the pole attached to the back of the truck.

Not only did the light pole snap, but the top of the  Century Plant that just bloomed was ripped off. 

Entergy was on scene to repair the damage. The truck was owned by AAA Cooper Transportation.

Questions concerning the legality of the truck operating on a city street was questioned.  18 wheelers do make deliveries in the residential areas of the city.

Below is a live interview from today’s event.

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