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Superintendent Search News Release – April 6, 2021


The Simpson County School District Board contracted with the Mississippi School Boards Association (MSBA) to assist in the search for the new superintendent of the Simpson County  School District.


A brochure advertising the superintendent vacancy and outlining the qualifications for the superintendent, which were set by the Board, was prepared by MSBA and was posted online at the MSBA website with the application on February 15, 2021.  Mrs. Denotris Jackson, Executive Director of MSBA, sent an email to over 5,000 people on the MSBA mailing list announcing the search and requesting assistance in publicizing the vacancy. She also made personal contact with possible applicants.  The vacancy announcement was sent to the National School Boards Association, which posted it on their website.  All inquiries to MSBA regarding the position were answered, and a brochure outlining the procedures to apply for the position was sent to each.  Telephone and email responses were made to those who had been recommended or who had expressed an interest in the position.


The deadline to receive applications was set as March 15, 2021.  All completed applications which were postmarked on or before the deadline were accepted and processed.


An online survey, conducted by the school district, was made available for two weeks to the district’s stakeholder groups, including teachers, administrators, parents, and community and business members, in order to gather information regarding the characteristics of the new superintendent and priorities for the school district.  Four webinar style stakeholder meetings were held on March 9, 2021.  Results from all surveys and from the webinars were compiled into a report by MSBA and provided to the Board members for use in the interview process and as a foundation for making the decision as to who will be the new superintendent.


There are 15 applicants for the superintendent position.  Mrs. Denotris Jackson, MSBA Executive Director, and Dr. Tommye Henderson, MSBA Superintendent Search Coordinator, met with the Board to review the applications on April 6, 2021.  Among the applicants are two superintendents, two assistant superintendents, five directors, three principals, one assistant principal, one chief operating officer, and one teacher.  Eight of the applicants have a doctorate degree.  Twelve of the applicants are male, and three applicants  are female.  Thirteen of the applicants are from Mississippi.  The other two applicants are from Arizona and Tennessee.


Each application was reviewed, analyzed, and evaluated according to the established criteria,  references were checked, and background checks were completed.  Reference letters for each applicant were received.  Telephone calls and personal contacts were made to gain additional information about each applicant.


A determination was also made as to whether each applicant met the qualifications to be a superintendent in Mississippi as defined in the Mississippi Code of 1972, 37-9-13, which went into effect on July 1, 2017, or met the Mississippi Department of Education Alternative Qualifications for Prospective District Superintendents of Education.  Information was provided regarding how each applicant met the criteria set by the Simpson County School board members.


The Board members received the report and all application materials.  Board members will use the report and materials to determine the next course of action. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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