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Who in the world would do such a thing? David Dunn, recreation director, and his crew arrived Tuesday morning at the Sportsplex football field (last field) to find someone had cut “doughnuts” all over the field! I’m just saying, who  do “they”  think they are hurting?
Sure, as tax payers damage is done…but the real damage is to a group of 5 & 6-year-old peewee football players that only want to play ball.

A game had been played Monday night with one scheduled for Tuesday night.

David and his crew went to work and got the field in shape for tonight’s (Tuesday) game.

How sad is this…and these pictures are “after” the fact!

Police Chief Randy Crawford along with the Mayor inspected the field. Randy and David said the incident would be investigated. The person or persons responsible for this destruction face charges of malicious mischief and destruction of city property.
I’m just saying…this is terrible and maybe more punishment than the above is needed.

What’s your thoughts on this mess???

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