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As we daily navigate Highway 49, I often wonder “what is MDOT doing!”

I had the opportunity to interview Albert White ,District engineer for District 7,  learning a great deal about the highway project.

“It’s all about safety, “ explained White.  MDOT is closing some intersections and cross overs and modifying others.

Click here for more details on which intersections are changing.

Albert explained, “there are no plans at this time to do anything to Main Street.”  (That’s scary)

As I talked with Albert, I questioned several of MDOT ’s moves.  There are no turn lanes.  He explained that will come later after the construction is near completion.  

The highway project is costing approximately $17 million!  The overlay will extend to the bridge below Magee and north to Mendenhall.

Click on the video to learn more about traffic and consolidation; red light eventually going near Shell Station; Siloam Road and more. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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