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Walt Fagan, a Magee High School graduate, has retired from the car business after 51 years.

For 91 years, the name Walter H Fagan has been selling Chevrolet! Walt, his daddy, and his granddaddy have had a hand in the car business since 1919.

Visiting with Walt was a walk down memory lane concerning cars and business. Fagan Chevrolet was located where Outdoor Power now operates. In the 60’s, Fagan Chevrolet closed and opened a week later as Walter Chevrolet. Eventually, the Fagan’s sold their business to Boochie Williams who continued to operate a car dealership in the same building and moved toward Jackson staying connected to Chevrolet.

Walt’s story is fascinating. He was involved in the design of vehicles as well as working with the development of “On Star.”

I hope you’ll take time to watch the video! He’s also a “rock” star—check out that ring!

All roads lead to Magee and Walt Fagan never forgot the way!


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