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At the Monday, November 11, 2019 Veteran’s Day Program, Joe Worrell held a ceremony for the hanging of the Armed Service flags and the POW flag.  The event was very moving.  Joe had the song for each branch of service played as the flag was raised.

Honestly, when the POW flag was raised and I’m Proud to be an American was played…there was hardly a dry eye in the crowd.

Men of each branch of the service assisted in the raising of the flags.

I am not sure who each person in the flag raising is…but the pride they brought to the event was extremely moving.  What special men!

As I watched Mr. LaVern Butler stride to the flag, my heart meted.  He he is a ninety something Air Force Veteran and he moved like a 20 year old!  What a blessing!

Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, POW
Navy Flag
Marine Flag
POW Flag

Coast Guard


Thank you again, Joe for all your work!  A fabulous event!


(Sue note:  I hope I got these right!)



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