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Never give up!  I think these are the words of the graduates of Pinola High School!  The project just goes to show that anything is possible.  The group did not want to see their long neglected school become totally covered in vines as well as crumble to the ground.  The group began a project to “save the school.”  The Pinola Historical Society was formed…and this working bunch of folks succeeded in achieving their dreams.  The Simpson County School system deeded the buildings to The Pinola Historical Society.  The Society went to work…and their deeds are to be admired!  Congratulations to this group of hard working people who had a dream and didn’t let it go.

June 8, 2017 To: Simpson County Board of Education
Re: Pinola Historical Society Statement of Purpose/Intent
As a chartered 501(c)3 organization since August, 2001, the Pinola Historical Society has accomplished its purpose of restoring and preserving for community use the existing Pinola High School building, which we acquired through a similar appeal to a former Board of Education in 2001.
By petitioning in Washington, D.C., for a grant for renovations, we were awarded funds to repair the outside of the high school building. Since then, the Society has raised funds to renovate almost completely the inside of the building. With the completed renovations of the dining room, kitchen, and bath rooms, the high school building has been available to all people in our community and has been used as a civic center for reunions, wedding receptions, programs, meetings, and school graduations.
Since the closing of Pinola School, the gymnasium and home economics/agriculture buildings deteriorated quickly and were torn down. We do not want the same fate for the Pinola Elementary School building, which can help to stimulate local economic development activities and enhance property values within the area.
It is the goal of the Pinola Historical Society to acquire the Pinola Elementary Building to renovate, preserve, and maintain it in the same manner as we have for the High School building. It is our purpose to renovate the building for use by all people in our community and county.
A major goal is combining two internet-ready classrooms into a community library open to all through the Central Mississippi Regional Library System. Having a public library in our community would be a great asset to all, young and old. The library and its varied weekly activities would help to revitalize Pinola and provide educational services for all ages.
Other proposed plans, which would benefit all citizens of our
community and county, include a room in the building for a Veterans’ Museum, which would house donated information and artifacts relating to the many Veterans from our community and county. This “museum” would make our building vital to the community, as well.
Because of its central county location, a room could be used by the Simpson County Historical Society for its museum and meetings.
Another proposed purpose is to house information from all the now-closed schools in Simpson County, such as New Hymn School, Harrisville School, Pinola School, Clem School, Boggan Ridge School, and Rials Creek School, for example, allowing preservation of each school’s history and memorabilia.
Other proposed plans include a Day Care, a youth or older adult center, a recreational center, etc., available to all our citizens.
All of these plans proposed by the Historical Society will promote and foster the development and improvement of the community, as well as the civic, social, educational, cultural, and economic welfare of the community for all of our citizens.
It is our understanding that if the purposes, for which the Pinola Elementary Building is conveyed to the Pinola Historical Society, are not pursued, the Pinola Elementary property will revert to the Simpson County School District. We have accomplished our purposes with the Pinola High School building, and it is our intent to maintain the same diligence in accomplishing our plans for the Pinola Elementary Building.

Sincerely  ,
The Pinola Historical Society
President, Charles Slater Board of Directors (601-757-7470)
Board Members: Jimmy Don Griffith, Sue Griffith, Joe Cone, Scarlett Kees, Charlene Loyd, Danny Welch, Dale Gordon, and Barbara Fuller



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