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I imagine many people are like me, I was raised with a bunch of “mothers!”  From the mothers of my friends, to the teachers at school, Sunday school teachers, and of course grandmothers, aunts, cousins…I had “lots” of mothers.  Each of those mothers are special in their own way.  They took care of me!  Whatever I got into, the “mothers” were soon taking care of me.

I think Mother’s Day is one of the best holidays of the year…just like Father’s Day.  I can never thank my “real” mother enough for all she did for me.  My mother showed me how to keep on pushing when giving up seemed the only answer. She loved life!  She laughed!  She loved others!  She was faithful in church and in her mission organizations.  I grew up with missions a must!  I “hear” her every day encouraging me, reminding me to help others, pushing me when I become overwhelmed with life.

When my mother, Mary Ruth Dickey, was 55, my daddy died.  The true love of her life was gone.  She was left with a business, an elderly mother to take care of, two girls to raise, and the sadness of taking on life by herself.  She lived her life with God and grace.

I love seeing everyone posting pictures of their mothers on FB.  Hug those mamas!

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  1. Thank you, sweet sister, for acknowledging our wonderful “mothers”‘especially our beloved mama. ❤️

  2. Awe, what a sweet tribute. I loved, loved your mom. She helped raise me, too. I was at your house many, many times. SHe was a real jewel. I miss her too.


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